Questions pertaining to The law of the Sea in the Eastern Mediterranean and sovereignty in the Aegean Sea affect many areas such as the delimitation of territorial waters, of national airspace, and of exclusive economic zones and the use of the continental shelf.

The Foreign Minister of Greece, Mr Nikolaos Dendias, will on 16 February give a talk at NUPI titled “Implementing the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea-The Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean as a case study”.

After FM Dendias’ speech, he will engage in a conversation with Tore Henriksen, Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø. Norway has considerable experience with this topic, i.a. through the work on the Convention on Law of the Sea in the Arctic Ocean, which Norway, Russia, Canada and Denmark have joined, and in connection with the dividing line negotiations with Russia over areas in the Barents Sea. The conversation will be led by NUPI Director Ulf Sverdrup.

There will be a possibility to ask questions to the Foreign Minister and the other participants on this topic in the chat online.