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How do we value the Arctic? Seminar with Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research


Ice versus open water. Warmer versus cooler water masses. Saltier versus fresher waters. New, invasive species are entering the Arctic Ocean where fish stocks are on the move, and on land vegetation is expanding whereas the snow cover is shrinking. What was earlier a firm, frozen ground is now thawing. Across the Arctic, stability is replaced by instabilities.

The re-setting of physical boundaries has political implications and ultimately, geopolitical consequences. A steady increase of human activities and expressed economic interests raise new questions and possibly conflicts that can impact local communities and nations alike.

In this webinar, we promise novel insights and new perspectives on the ever-changing role of the Arctic. At the heart of this human-triggered and driven transformation is the question of how we value the Arctic, and why?
  • Language: English
  • Place: online/University of Bergen
  • Event type: Seminar
  • Event name: How do we value the Arctic?
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