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PODCAST: AI and geopolitics

“Every tool can become a weapon,” notes Vice Chair and President of Microsoft. “It will take not just responsible companies, but law and regulation to manage this properly.”
Foto: NBIM


Ulf Sverdrup
Former Director

“We have to use the power of AI to improve the defenses of democracy better and faster than the adversaries of democracy might use to turn this into a weapon against it,” emphasizes Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft.

Earlier this summer, Brad Smith visited NUPI to discuss the geopolitics of artificial intelligence.

Following the NUPI roundtable, Brad Smith, NUPI Director Ulf Sverdrup, and Nicolai Tangen, CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), continued their conversation in a podcast, exploring questions such as:

  • How should we regulate AI?
  • How will AI impact the power balance between the US and China?
  • And how does Microsoft navigate this complex landscape?

Dive into Brad Smith’s unique insights on these questions and more, enriched by questions and commentaries from Nicolai Tangen and Ulf Sverdrup.

This podcast is the result of a collaboration between NUPI and NBIM and is featured on both In Good Company and The Word Stage. Listen to it on your favourite podcast provider: 




  • Security policy
  • Cyber
  • Diplomacy


Ulf Sverdrup
Former Director
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