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North America


North America


North America


North America



The USA, as the world’s sole superpower, dominates the North American region. Today its financial hegemony is challenged by China and other Asian countries, with repercussions on international politics as well.

As a region, North America consists of 23 independent nations, as well as 13 British, French and Dutch territories and an autonomous part of Denmark (Greenland). Stretching from Canada and the USA in the north, to Mexico and Central America with the Caribbean in the south, it is dominated by the USA, which until now has been the world’s economic, military and political superpower.

The defence and security policies of the USA and NATO form the foundations of Norwegian security and foreign policy, and NUPI has a comprehensive research involvement in this connection. Another central theme is the recent US turn towards Asia – in economic and military matters – and what this may mean for Norway’s trans-Atlantic connections. Also important are questions of Europe and its relations to North America, not least as regards trade agreements.

Source: Store Norske Leksikon and NUPI.