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International organizations


International organizations


International organizations


International organizations



Nation-states, the most powerful countries in particular, dominate wold politics. How do states work to promote their interests on the international arena?

The study of international organizations and global management examine the myriad actors involved in debating and implementing steering mechanisms with transnational implications. A central question here is which actors can speak and act with authority on behalf of larger groups, and undertake actions aimed at dealing with problems that extend across national borders. Although the nation-state remains the primary actor in world politics, both history and current trends show that non-state actors are important for understanding what states do and how they go abut do it.

 Research question within this field may include:

  • What is the role of international organizations like the World Bank in shaping the domestic policies of nation-states?
  • When and how can expert groups and networks of interest groups succeed in influencing the content of international relations?