Coordination and Capacity Building within the Security Sector in Bosnia-Herzegovina (SSRBiH )

2011 - 2018 (Completed) Project number: BHZ-14/0085
Research Project
The project is currently organized to both coordinate Norway’s support to the intelligence and security sector in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to do research on relevant topics.

The main objective is to support the development a professional intelligence and security sector in BiH and to strengthen the institutional cooperation, coordination and control networks within this sector – both the acting leadership and parliamentary and legislative control – as well as to promote the development of an informed and interested general public.

The project must be seen in connection with other extensive reforms of the security sector underway in Bosnia-Herzegovina that aim to strengthen democratic control, but also to centralize and increase the efficiency of important functions. NUPI seeks to help make Norway’s support to the intelligence reform adjusted to suit the needs of local actors, within certain limits. Wherever possible, we try to involve the expertise found in relevant institutions and research environments in BiH and Norway.


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs