AUKUS and its implications for Asia, US-European relations and non-proliferation

AUKUS and its implications for Asia US-European relations and non proliferation.png
Security policy  NATO  Asia
Written by

Bruno Tertrais

Deputy Director of the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique


The political, strategic and technological aspects of the AUKUS deal may be more important than the provision of nuclear-powered submarines.

The deal is a clear sign of the US tilt towards Asia and will have important implications for both USFrench, US-EU and US-NATO relations.

AUKUS does not imply any nuclear weapons proliferation risk. However, it paths the way for a proliferation of nuclear-powered submarines, which will open for legitimate and illegitimate claims for producing Highly Enriched Uranium.

It remains to be seen whether the strategic benefits of AUKUS in the Indo-pacific will outweigh its political costs for transatlantic relations and the image of the United States as a trusted security partner.