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Dragon in the North: The Nordic Countries’ Relations with China


This report is temporarily embargoed due to a publication process.

In this focus report we present to a Nordic public an overview of each Nordic country’s bilateral relations with China, and how each has handled the challenges and opportunities arising in relations with Beijing.

Gathering a team of Nordic researchers, each writing on one Nordic country, this report also asks whether there is a common ‘Nordic dimension’ to the policies undertaken towards Beijing. The Nordic countries share a common geography and history, as well as a set of common traits based upon political traditions and cultural affinities. Yet, they also differ from one another in many respects, including foreign policy outlook and international institutional affiliations.

To some extent this can also be traced in the Nordic countries’ current relations with Beijing. As the contributions presented here show, the five Sino Nordic relationships have followed markedly different trajectories.
  • Published year: 2016
  • Full version:
  • Publisher: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
  • Page count: 76
  • Language: Engelsk
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