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Norway needs energy and security policy coherence

Written by

Kacper Szulecki
Research professor
Paula Kivimaa




Prior to 2022, Norwegian policymakers have hardly considered coherence between energy and security, and the few coordinating elements in place are focused on emergency preparedness.
• Keeping policy areas separate and energy de-securitized has helped improve Norway’s position in the old energy world. However, both the progressing European energy transition and new geopolitical threats from Russia increasingly challenge this arrangement.
• Lack of policy coherence makes Norwegian governance less effective in dealing both with sudden shocks, like the Nord Stream sabotage, and long-term stress factors, like climatic change.
• Formalized coordination mechanisms between ministries and agencies are necessary and will increase both governance effectiveness and accountability.
• Existing agency level collaboration on emergency preparedness may be a starting point. • A transition requires significant institutional reorganization which may be difficult to achieve. Old structures and agencies may not support security issues connected to a new kind of energy system.
  • Published year: 2022
  • Publisher: NUPI
  • Page count: 4
  • Language: English


  • Defence
  • Security policy
  • Energy

Written by

Kacper Szulecki
Research professor
Paula Kivimaa