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Policy brief


Policy brief summarising the lessons learned from assessing the EU’s measures to prevent violent extremism in a comparative perspective



Elapsing 30 months into the PREVEX consortium’s work, synchronizing results from both PREVEX-generated and external research outputs, this policy brief presents three key lessons from the analysis of the EU’s measures to prevent violent extremism (PVE) across its three regional focal areas: MENA, Maghreb/ Sahel and the Balkans. It then teases out three policy recommendations emanating from these lessons. While lesson #1 speaks to the broader framework of the EU’s PVE efforts, lessons #2 & #3 are more specifically geared toward the regions under PREVEX’ scrutiny: The Balkans (#2) and MENA and Maghreb/Sahel (#3).
  • Published year: 2022
  • Full version: Read here
  • Publisher: PREVEX
  • Language: English


  • Terrorism and extremism
  • The EU

Written by

Gilad Ben-Nun
Ulf Engel