Former employees

  • Robert Rust

    Robert Rust was a graduate research fellow within NUPI’s Research Group for Russia, Asia and International Trade in the spring of 2022.

  • Lisa Lindseth Samuelsen

    Lisa Lindseth Samuelsen was a graduate research fellow at NUPI in the spring of 2022. 

  • Tinatin Osmonova

    Tinatin Osmonova was a Visiting Research Fellow at NUPI in 2022.

  • Ismoil Sadullozoda

    Ismoil Sadullozoda was a visiting research fellow at NUPI in 2022.

  • Elisabeth L. Rosvold

    Elisabeth L. Rosvold was a Senior Research Fellow at NUPI in the Research group on peace, conflict and development until December 2022.&n...

  • Silje Nyrud

    Silje Nyrud was a Graduate Research Fellow at NUPI and part of the Research Group on Security and Defence.

  • Thea Willoch Njaastad

    Thea Willoch Njaastad was a Master’s student at NUPI. 

  • Christian I. Ulfsten

    Christian I. Ulfsten was a research assistant in the Research Group on Peace, Conflict and Development. 

  • Anne Funnemark

    Anne Funnemark was a Junior Research Fellow at NUPI. She was a part of the Climate-related Peace and Security Risks (CPSR) project and th...

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