East Asia is host to many of the world’s most important and dynamic economies – China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and others.

Over the last years, its impact on the global economy and world affairs has been profound, and this impact is likely to become even more significant in the foreseeable future. China’s rapid rise to power has been keenly felt both inside the East Asia region and globally.

Professor Christopher Dent explores how we can understand East Asia as a region, recent key developments in East Asia’s regional affairs, and how East Asia is shaping the world in which we live, with a special focus on the global challenges facing all humanity in the 21st century such as climate change, energy security, poverty alleviation and changing geopolitical orders.

Christopher Dent is professor of East Asia's International Political Economy at the University of Leeds. His volume Renewable Energy in East Asia: Towards a New Developmentalism will be published in November. 

This seminar is part of NUPI's seminar series on Asia, and will be streamed live on YouTube.