This is the third in the seminar series in the occasion of the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s project UN70: A New Agenda. The project aims to develop ideas for reform and recommendations for the agenda of the next UN Secretary-General, who takes office on 1 January 2017. UN70: A New Agenda is an initiative to support the UN in its efforts to prepare for the future. The aim of this seminar series is to facilitate dialogue among academics and civil society actors and give input to the project. For more information on the UN70 project, see

This third seminar focuses on the nexus between humanitarian assistance and development aid. How can the UN system and the Secretary-General ensure a more unified approach by the UN, for example in the context of protracted crises and refugee situations? Is it possible to make humanitarian assistance part of a broader strategy for development?

 NUPI co-organises this seminar with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.