The seminar is a collaboration with the Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime.

The chapter, “Fighting international terrorism the French way”, examines how counterterrorism in France has changed over the past 20 years. The book, as such, has a somewhat broader scope as it examines how modern French foreign policy have been adjusted as a result of a changing international and regional context. As the chapter on French counter terrorism is a case study of changes in French foreign policy practices, it also asks how these changes can contribute to our understanding of French power politics and exceptionalism today.

Pernille Rieker's research interests are issues related to European integration (EU) and European foreign and security policy, including EU's, French, Norwegian and the other Nordic countries' foreign and security policies. She has also done research on dialogue and conflict resolution more generally.

During the seminar, Tove Gravdal will comment on Riekers presentation. Gravdal is a foreign journalist in the Norwegian Newspaper Morgenbladet. Here she covers French politics and community life, the USA, Middle East, Africa and Sweden, in addition to the UN and Norway’s role in the world. In 2002 she published the book “Ett år i Champagne” (“One year in Champagne”)

Chair is Senior Research Fellow at NUPI, Rita Augestad Knudsen.

The event will be streamed on our YouTube channel: