With the development of the internet and its cyber-infrastructure, an increasing amount of parties is employing it as a means of warfare or resistance. This is particularly evident in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which several Palestinian parties employ hacking as a means for change on the ground. This does nevertheless create a hitch in the taxonomy of hacker actors. How fitting is the current taxonomy for labelling and understanding Palestinian hackers or the electronic units of movements such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

This is what Erik Skare will talk about in this event at NUPI, co-hosted with the Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime. Skare argues that in order to understand the nature of these units we must add a new ideal type to the existing hacker taxonomy by introducing the proto-state hacker. 

Erik Skare is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo. His researchs interests are Palestinian violent and non-violent resistance, Palestinian statebuilding and the internet’s impact in the Middle East.

Chair is Senior Research Fellow at NUPI, Rita Augestad Knudsen.

Lunch will be served from 11.30, the event starts at 12.00.