At this seminar, findings from the research project Food Security in India: The Interactions of Climate Change, Economics, Politics and Trade (FOODSEC) will be presented, together with an India-related study from the project Traders in the food value chain.

In the latter project, Meenakshi Rajeev has studied the transition of the Indian fisheries sector with trade, distribution channels and value chains in rapid transformation, and with considerable impact on producers, workers and consumers.

From the FOODSEC project, Arne Dulsrud and Unni Kjærnes will present evidence on the determinants of food consumption in India, based on new survey data from rural villages and urban slums.

Arne Melchior will present new empirical evidence on the large food price dispersion across Indian states, and the determinants of these price differences.

Addressing climate change, Fenella Carpena will present findings from an econometric study that shows how droughts have a negative impact on the quantity as well as the quality of food consumption in rural India, and the main driver for this is income change rather than food availability as such.

The event will be live streamed on NUPI's YouTube channel: