At this seminar, experts will present the main findings of a project on security in the Black Sea region financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. The main aim of this project was to shed light on the impact increased military presence in the Black Sea region has had on security along the southern part of NATO’s Eastern flank. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a watershed event and has changed the strategic calculus not only in the Black Sea region but also in the broader European context.

Russian aggression has had a clear and very negative impact on the security situation in the region and at this seminar the researchers will present the main policy relevant conclusions from two studies conducted within this project.

The first study examined the question of continuity and change in Russia’s approaches to the Black Sea region using the situation around the Snake Island as a case through which strategic developments in the region have been examined. The second study analysed the impact developments in the Black Sea region have had on perceptions of security in the High North, an area where Russia’s policies also pose several challenges to the Western policymakers.

The project was carried out this year by NUPI and the New Strategy Center in Romania.

The seminar will be in English, take place at NUPI from 14:30 to 15:30. The event will also be live streamed to NUPI’s YouTube channel. No registration is needed for digital participation.