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Government allocates NOK 45 million to Geopolitics Research Centre led by NUPI

The Centre will specifically examine the rivalry among major powers like China, Russia, the USA, and regional centres of power. The generated research will significantly aid Norwegian foreign and security policy decisions.

Research director Ole Jacob Sending, and director Ulf Sverdrup eagerly anticipate the inauguration of the new geopolitics centre.

Foto: NUPI

The Norwegian government, via the Research Council of Norway, has granted NOK 45 million to NUPI to establish a research centre for geopolitics. The funding aims to enhance understanding of international power dynamics and the implications for Norwegian interests and politics.

“This is a major and timely investment on the part of the authorities, and we are of course very satisfied that our application won” says NUPI director Ulf Sverdrup. 

The Impact of Geopolitical Rivalries

An escalating political and economic rivalry characterizes the current world situation, evident in Russia's aggression towards Ukraine and increasing tensions between the US and China. These rivalries, shaped by shifting power distributions, geographical focuses, intertwined global investments, diverse institutional players, and rapid technological changes, impact Norway significantly.

Hence, it is crucial to form foreign policy responses and strategies informed by modern geopolitical analysis.

The Relevance of Research for Norwegian Authorities 

Research and knowledge production's relevance to Norwegian authorities is a key consideration in the centre’s establishment.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt stressed the necessity of research-based knowledge for informed decision-making in foreign policy.

“I am happy that we can now continue to strengthen the solid knowledge environment at NUPI. Research-based knowledge of international affairs and geopolitics is crucial for the authorities to be able to make wise decisions in foreign policy,” says FM Huitfeldt.

“Congratulations to NUPI and partners! The new centre will actively and continuously share findings and results of the research and will have a close dialogue with important user communities in the administration. The establishment also assumes that the Norwegian professional community cooperates and that international expert communities are included in the research. Research on geopolitics is very important these tumultuous times,” says Mari Sundli Tveit, Chief Executive of The Norwegian Research Council.

NUPI's Partnership and Expertise

NUPI's Research Director, Ole Jacob Sending, will lead the centre, partnering with the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, the University of Tromsø, and the University of Oslo.

“NUPI has a strong professional environment and this gives us opportunities to deliver even better and more relevant research together with our partners. The Centre will contribute to national competence building and will collaborate with leading international professional environments” says Sending.

The centre will draw from massive expertise, combining insights on the USA, China, EU, and Russia, regional focuses on the Arctic, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, and topics such as security, multilateralism, growth, and innovation, and energy and sustainability.

Participating in NUPI's team are (from left) Morten S. Andersen, Wrenn Yennie Lindgren, Ole Jacob Sending, Ulf Sverdrup, Bjørnar Sverdrup-Thygeson, Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr. Additional contributors from NUPI include Julie Wilhelmsen, Pernille Rieker, Anne Kari B. Johansen, Maryam Sugaipova, Åsmund Weltzien, Marie Furhovden, Elana Wilson Rowe, Kari Osland, Kristin Haugevik, and Leonard Seabrooke.