Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr

Senior Research Fellow

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr (PhD) is a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).

Gåsemyr’s background includes social science and Chinese language and area studies from Norwegian and Chinese universities. His MA and PhD degrees are in Political Science. Gåsemyr has previously worked for the United Nations in Beijing, and he has experience from national broadcasting. His primary research focus is Chinese politics, mainly domestic political economy, and foreign policy, with an emphasis on organizations and digital technology. His secondary research focus is Norwegian and international conditions for economic and knowledge-related cooperation, with an emphasis on relations to China.

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  • Breakfast seminar: Constructing China’s Belt and Road amidst Pandemic and War
    Fri 10 Jun 2022
    Time: 11:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    China’s Belt and Road Initiative is evolving, but the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are stirring questions about its paths. Are the original Chinese visions and ambitions still intact and how are construction projects and overall plans affected?

  • The Belt and Road Initiative and New Regionalism
    Mon 25 Jan 2021
    Time: 15:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: Zoom

    While framed by China as an inclusive platform of multilateral cooperation, The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been met with mixed perceptions in Europe. Join this webinar to learn more about the nature, dynamics and influence of the BRI.

  • Breakfast seminar: China as a Development Actor in Africa
    Mon 13 Jan 2020
    Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    China’s role as an international development actor is growing. What is China hoping to achieve? How do African actors respond, and what are possible implications for Norwegian development policy?

  • Breakfast seminar: How does China view the world economy?
    Tue 19 Nov 2019
    Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo | Location: NUPI

    We hear a lot about the slowing of China’s economic growth and the trade war with USA. How do Chinese researchers view the situation and what does it mean for other countries and Norway?

  • Chinese and Nordic Priorities in the SDG 2030 Agenda
    Tue 5 Feb 2019
    Time: 13:00 Europe/Oslo | Location: Studentsenteret, Universitetet i Bergen

    NUPI and CMI researchers meet in Bergen to discuss their ongoing work on Chinese and Nordic efforts towards the Sustainable Development Agenda. Erik Solheim, former leader of UN Environment, will comment and share insights from his vast development-related experiences.

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