­– We are very happy to announce that Osland is becoming the director at NUPI. She is an outstanding researcher, has solid leadership experience, and knows NUPI well. She has the experience, knowledge, and personal qualities we have been searching for. We look forward to her starting on September 1st, says Karl Erik Haug, Chairman of the Board at NUPI.

Osland will become NUPI's first female director. She has worked at the institute since 1998 and is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Research group on peace, conflict, and development at NUPI. Osland's research focuses on conflict dynamics, insurgencies, peace operations, and peace building.

Increased demand for NUPI's expertise

Increased geopolitical risks and major upheavals are affecting Norwegian politics, economy, and society. Therefore, there is a high demand and need for NUPI's expertise. NUPI's mandate is to research and spread information about international politics and global affairs, and the new director will contribute significantly to this, according to the chairman.

– It is a great honor to lead such a strong knowledge organization as NUPI in a time of major international upheavals. Research-based knowledge about the world, as a basis for the development of Norwegian foreign and security policy, is more important than ever. NUPI has a fantastic team of talented and dedicated people, and I look forward to continuing the development of NUPI with them, says Osland.

NUPI has experienced significant progress in recent years. The institute's researchers win projects funded by both Norwegian and foreign stakeholders, they have a strong presence in society, and contribute to public education and analysis. NUPI's researchers are also among those who publish the most in Norway.

– Invest in knowledge

– We are facing a more uncertain future, and it is important that authorities, the private sector, and society at large continue to invest in knowledge about international affairs and Norwegian foreign policy. We are confident that Kari Osland is the right person to lead NUPI in a world that is more complex and unpredictable, says Haug.

Osland will take over from Ulf Sverdrup, who has been the director since 2012.

– It has been a great privilege to work with skilled and dedicated NUPI colleagues and good partners for almost twelve years. NUPI has a formidable staff, and we are well equipped to seize opportunities in the future and deliver high-quality relevant research. Kari is an experienced leader, a recognized researcher, and a skilled communicator. I am confident that she will be a good leader for NUPI, says Sverdrup.

Osland's term as director will last for six years starting from September 1st, 2023, and can be extended.