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Kristin Haugevik appointed Research Professor

NUPI researcher Kristin Haugevik has been promoted to Research Professor.

Kristin Haugevik was appointed Research Professor February 6. 

Foto: Mats Bakken/NUPI

Haugevik’s application for professorial competence was evaluated by a committee consisting of Professor Catarina Kinnvall, Lund University, Professor Torbjørn Knutsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Research Professor Kacper Szulecki, NUPI. The committee unanimously concludes that Haugevik qualifies for advancement to Research Professor.

In their report, which assesses 15 selected academic works by Haugevik as well as her project management experience and communication track record, the committee concludes that:

“Dr. Haugevik demonstrates high theoretical proficiency in IR and she is able to employ her theoretical knowledge and insight for rich and interesting empirical research. (…) High academic quality of her work finds reflection in her ability to attract project funding, lead research teams and deliver results, both academic and more policy oriented.”

Read Haugevik’s publications here.

– Impressive

Haugevik has worked at NUPI since 2006, first in junior positions and as doctoral fellow and, since 2014, Senior Research Fellow. Throughout her career as a scholar, her research has revolved around international diplomacy, inter-state cooperation and friendship, with a geographical focus on the Euro-Atlantic region and the foreign policies of Britain and the Nordic states.

– The committee has evaluated Kristin’s work as not only empirically rich but also theoretically well-grounded. They have also acknowledged her expertise in the research area of state amity and kinship, says NUPI’s Director Kari M. Osland.

Osland is impressed by her colleague.

– I speak on behalf of NUPI when I say that we are immensely proud of Kristin's accomplishments. Her solid work and dedication are truly impressive.

Proud to work at NUPI

Haugevik is happy about the news:

– It is a rare privilege to have one’s academic track record and publications assessed in such a systematic manner. As a NUPI researcher, I have worked on a number of projects and tasks over the years, with diverse deliverables and output. I am particularly pleased to see that the committee recognizes the red threads running through my work, and my contributions to the field, she says.

The newly appointed research professor also extends her heartfelt thanks to NUPI colleagues.

– At NUPI, I am surrounded by excellent scholars who are experts on a wide range of topics. I continue to be very proud to work there, and I am also grateful for all the collegial support I have received in the process of reaching this milestone.


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