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Nagelhus Schia appointed Research Professor

NUPI researcher Niels Nagelhus Schia has been promoted to Research Professor.

His application for professorial competence was unanimously approved by a committee consisting of Professor Emeritus Finn Stepputat from DIIS, Professor Madeline Carr at University College London, and Research Professor Kjetil Selvik from NUPI.

Impressed with Niels’ work

– The committee's assessment expresses that Niels has produced original and important publications. They particularly highlight the importance of his interdisciplinary approach with IR, global studies, and technology, as well as his combination of basic research and applied research, says NUPI Director Kari M. Osland.

– Niels is also a great team player who provides important support to younger researchers. I am impressed with the work Niels does! she says.

In the committee's report, they present, among other things, Nagelhus Schia's solid experience in leading research projects and developing new projects. They also write that his interdisciplinary engagement has given him original insights and independent findings.

According to the committee, Nagelhus Schia has made his mark both on research in international politics and on dialogue with decision-makers, diplomats, and practitioners in national and international organizations. Also, his active leadership in research on new technology and international relations, which is a rapidly developing field, is highlighted as particularly impressive.

Generous work environment at NUPI

Nagelhus Schia is very pleased with the committee's decision.

– Today, I am first and foremost really proud and happy about this promotion, and I feel lucky to have had all my work reviewed so thoroughly and meticulously by such a great committee, he says and continues:

– I am also incredibly grateful for all the professionally skilled, interesting, and great people I collaborate with at NUPI. There is quality at every level here. It makes NUPI a unique workplace that I am very fond of. We have a generous work environment where we wish the best for each other.

Nagelhus Schia has been working at NUPI since 2003 and submitted his PHD at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo in 2015. Since then, he has been employed as a senior researcher.

Throughout his career as a researcher, Nagelhus Schia has delved into issues concerning new technology, global governance, international organizations, and state-building. Today, he is the leader of the Research Group for Security and Defence at NUPI, co-leader of NUPI's center for research on new technology, and co-editor of the NUPI journal International Politics (Norwegian: Internasjonal Politikk).