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Presidential and royal visit to NUPI

Moldova’s President Maia Sandu is currently on a state visit to Norway. On 7 May Her Excellency President Sandu and HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway visited NUPI.
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MOLDOVA'S FUTURE PATH: Moldova's President Maia Sandu and NUPI Director Kari Osland engaged in a discussion about Moldova's role in European security at NUPI on 7 May.

Foto: Therese Leine/NUPI

President Sandu gave introductory remarks at a special event at NUPI, titled “Moldova’s role in European security: What’s at stake?”, followed by a discussion and Q&A session with NUPI Director Kari Osland.

Important decision

Moldova will have three very consequential elections this year and next: Presidential elections and a European Union membership referendum in October this year and Parliamentary elections in the summer of next year.

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At stake in October, is Moldova’s current trajectory from EU membership candidate status towards full EU accession. Then, Moldova will decide whether the country should amend its Constitution in a way that might prevent future governments from derailing the county from this path.

Influence and pressure from Russia

This decision is important, both for Moldova and for the rest of Europe.

Ukraine is currently defending itself against Russia’s full invasion. Meanwhile, Moldova is also facing challenges posed by Russia's influence and pressure. These challenges include the presence of Russian military forces in Transnistria, the effects of fluctuations in the supply and price of gas, and Russian support for political parties and movements that have pro-Russian sentiments. Additionally, there is a looming threat of information warfare aimed at influencing Moldovan public opinion.

Further reading:

This situation raises difficult and important questions regarding Moldova’s integrity and development as a sovereign European democracy, its future relationship with the EU, how the war in Ukraine affects Moldova and its contributions to European security.

Against this backdrop, President Sandu and Director Osland discussed Moldova´s role in European security.

For more resources on this topic, visit the NUPI-led project reENGAGE's web page.


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President Maia Sandu

President Sandu assumed office on 20 December 2020, becoming Moldova’s first female president. Her political career started in 2012, when she became minister of Education, a role she held until 2015. In 2015, President Sandu started a platform that evolved into the political party known as the Party of Action and Solidarity. In 2019, Sandu was elected to serve as Prime Minister of Moldova. Her academic background is in public administration, economy and international relations and she has worked for the World Bank and UNDP.

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