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Zooming in on the U.S.

In June, we offer three events focusing on the U.S. The topics include American foreign policy and relations with several other countries, geopolitics, the US election, and global security.
The image shows the flag of the USA in front of the White House, which is seen further in the distance

FOCUSING ON THE U.S.: NUPI organizes three events in the serie "Talks on geopolitical rivalry" in June 2024.

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First up is the Center for Geopolitics' annual lecture with Yale Professor Odd Arne Westad, with the lecture "The USA, China, and the Future". On 18 June, we will be visited by Kenneth R. Weinstein (Hudson Institute), and on 20 June, we will take a closer look at democracy in the USA and global security policy. 

The two last events are part of the project "Talks on Geopolitical Rivalry", which is supported by the US Embassy in Oslo.

The USA, China, and the Future

How has the relationship between China and the USA developed since the Cold War? What characterises the bilateral connections between the countries, and what is their stance on the central themes in international politics today? And what can we expect in the future? Professor Odd Arne Westad (Yale University) will discuss this at Sentralen at 09 AM on Monday, 10 June.

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American Foreign Policy and Geopolitics

On18 June, from 08.30 AM to 10.00 AM (breakfast served from 08.30 - 09.00 AM, program starts 09.00 AM), we invite you to the seminar "US Foreign Policy and Geopolitics" with Ken Weinstein (Japan Chair, Hudson Institute), who will look more closely at the relationship between the USA and Asia, both in a geopolitical context and considering the link between security and trade. In 2018, Weinstein was appointed by then-President Donald Trump to the advisory committee on trade policy and negotiations, and in 2020, Trump nominated him as the US Ambassador to Japan.

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The US Election and Global Security

What is the status of democracy in the USA, and what implications does this have for global security policy in the coming years? Join us on 20 June, when NUPI and The Conduit delve into how the upcoming US elections could reshape international relations and security dynamics. Tomas Seltzer will give the introduction, followed by short lectures from Mark Baldessare (Public Policy Institute of California) and others, followed by a panel discussion with, among others, Baldessare and NUPI researcher Karsten Friis. The event takes place at Kristian Augusts gate 21, and runs from 1 PM to 4 PM, followed by mingling, sliders, and refreshments.

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