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Protecting Democracies from Digital Threats (PRODEM)

2019 (Completed) Project number: 22510
Research project
How are states responding to the threat of using digital technologies to subvert democratic processes?

Protecting political and democratic processes from interference via digital technologies is a new and complicated security threat.

In recent years the issue has been most prominent in terms of election security, yet the widespread usage of digital technologies allows for the subversion of democratic processes in multifaceted ways. From disrupting the political discourse with false information to inflaming and stoking political divisions digital technologies allows for a variety of ways for malicious actors to target democracies.

This research project will compare different state experiences with interference in sovereign and contested political decisions. This allow for a broader understanding of what entails a democratic process and allows us to draw upon relevant experiences by comparable states.

The project will compare the Norwegian approach and experience in managing these challenges with those of Finland and the UK. Mapping both how the problem is understood, and the role of previous experiences in shaping public policy.

Funding program

The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence

Project Manager

Niels Nagelhus Schia

Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Research group on security and defense, Head of NUPI's Centre for Cyber Security Studies


Cyber  Conflict  Security policy  Defence

Lars Gjesvik

Senior Research Fellow


Sun 2 Jun 2019
Time: 12:00 Europe/Oslo
Location: NUPI

Lunch seminar: Peace, war and alliances in cyberspace

What are cyberspace operations? In what ways is conflict in this “domain” different from conflict in physical domain? And how do cyberspace operations relate to information warfare, what are the similarities and differences?

Thu 2 May 2019
Time: 09:00 Europe/Oslo
Location: NUPI

Breakfast seminar: Cyber threats and what to do about them?

Michael Sulmeyer, Director for Belfer Center's Cyber Project, is visiting NUPI to discuss cyber security and international politics.

Tue 5 Feb 2019
Time: 09:00 Europe/Oslo
Location: NUPI

Chinese cyber security and consequences for Europe

Chinese tech giants are increasingly visible and established in the European market. Are we ready for all that this implies?