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Chinese digi-tech politics: Steering growth, spurring innovation, and reinforcing control



China is a growing digital technology (digi-tech) power and a leading provider of digi-tech resources internationally. China’s digi-tech growth is helping to create opportunities in other and developing countries, but it also stirring concern regarding digital security and the safeguarding of individual freedoms. Digi-tech is at the heart of the major power rivalry playing out between China and the USA. In this brief, we study the key drivers and main implications of Chinese digi-tech politics while also considering Norwegian digi-tech interests.
  • Published year: 2021
  • Full version: Read it here
  • Publisher: NUPI
  • Page count: 4
  • Language: Engelsk
  • Journal: NUPI Policy Brief


  • Defence and security
  • Cyber
  • Global economy
  • International economics
  • Diplomacy and foreign policy
  • Development policy
  • Regions
  • Asia