Finland og Sverige inn i NATO? Veien dit og konsekvenser.

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Defence  Security policy  NATO  The Nordic countries
Written by

Øystein Solvang

Research assistant


Per Erik Solli

Colonel, the Norwegian Air Force


In mid-May, a number of clarifications will take place in both of our neighboring countries that could lead to a joint announcement of the desired NATO membership.

If Finland and Sweden submit a formal NATO application, it will trigger a two-part process.

The security guarantee in Article V of the NATO Treaty is not valid until all 30 member states have ratified the application, and measures to protect Finland and Sweden in the interim phase have been discussed with NATO, the United States and European powers.

Finnish and Swedish membership will be a historic strengthening of NATO, both politically and militarily.

Including Finland and Sweden in NATO will lead to extensive changes in Norwegian defense planning and total defense concept.