L’architecture de sécurité intérieure burkinabé face à la gestion d’une crise multidimensionnelle

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Defence  Security policy  Terrorism and extremism  The Middle East and North Africa  Africa  Conflict  Fragile states  Insurgencies
Written by

Niagalé Bagayoko

African Security Sector Network Chair

Mahamoudou Savadogo



The military response has been the main focus to address the multidimensional crisis that the Sahel has been going through since 2012. However, it is equally important to look at the internal security forces' role in addressing insecurity. In this regard, Burkina Faso represents a particularly interesting field of lessons. Faced with the spillover of the Malian crisis on its soil and the emergence of endogenous violence, Burkina Faso is faced with substantial security challenges. Therefore, the country has been forced to rethink its approaches to defence policy, fight against terrorism and sub-regional security, and its conception of public security in a context where threats are now both local and external. Community policing has been placed at the core of Burkina Faso’s security approach.