• Reduced influence in the Arctic?

    4 Nov 2021
    In the Arctic Council, eight states work on, among several other pressing issues, the alarming impacts of global climate change. But who gets a say? Research Professor Elana Wilson Rowe investigates this in a new article.
  • Op-ed: Why Peace Should Matter for the COP, and Why COP26 is Important for Peace

    16 Nov 2021
    Looking at COP26, it is clear that significant amounts of funding will be directed towards climate adaptation over the coming years, writes Cedric de Coning and Florian Krampe.
  • Funding flows for climate change research on Africa

    27 Oct 2021
    African countries face some of the biggest challenges due to climate change compared to other parts of the world, but the funding for research on these changes and their implications in Africa constitutes only a small fraction of global funding for climate change research.
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