• The lessons of Cambodia for today’s Security Council and conflict resolution

    11 Jan 2022
    Norway, President of the UN Security Council for January 2022, is convening a “mini-Oslo Forum” style meeting of the fifteen Council members and the UN Secretary-General on 13 January.  By bringing the Oslo Forum – a well-known annual gathering in peace and security circles cancelled for the past two years due to Covid-19 – format to New York, Norway hopes to examine more deeply and with less protocol conflict prevention and mediation efforts and explore how the Council can collectively act better to meet such challenges.  The Norwegian presidency is emphasizing how the Council, which jealously preserves its privileges as the preeminent forum for matters of international peace and security, can work with other peacemaking actors.  This will include focusing on how more inclusive efforts that harness the energies of diverse sets of peace actors, and not just member states and international organizations, can be generated in different conflicts.
  • POLICY BRIEF: Nordic Airpower Cooperation and Finland’s F-35 decision: Towards a New Era?

    15 Dec 2021
    Finland’s F-35 decision enhances the airpower collaboration between the Nordic states.
  • Russian reframing: Norway as an outpost for NATO offensives

    22 Dec 2021
    Moscow increasingly views the West as an offensive actor and the High North as terrain for NATO expansion, according to this NUPI policy brief.
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