• PODCAST: The EU’s role in European security and defence

    13 May 2022
    On the 21 of March 2022, the Council of the EU adopted a Strategic Compass, a roadmap for the EU to become a stronger security and defence actor. But what does this really mean, and does it change the EUs role as a security actor in any significant way?
  • New book: Adaptive mediation and conflict resolution

    27 Apr 2022
    How to secure peace after conflict? In a new book, Cedric de Coning and colleagues examine what lessons can be learned about adaptive mediation from the conflicts in Colombia, Mozambique, the Philippines, and Syria.
  • PODCAST: Is this the end of academic freedom in Russia?

    21 Apr 2022
    Freedom of speech in Russia has gradually been shrinking over the years, with a turn for the worse after Putin’s invasion in Ukraine. In this episode of The World Stage, we take a closer look at what this means for academics in Russia.
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