• How do journalists in the Middle East cope with political pressure?

    3 May 2021
    All over the world, media-owners and lobbyists use journalists and the media as political tools for their own ends. How do journalists cope with this? A NUPI project has examined this issue in Tunisia and Lebanon.
  • Important dialogue with Norwegian research communities about the UN Security Council

    5 May 2021
    NUPI, PRIO and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organize meetings on current issues in the UN Security Council during the Norwegian membership period. Global health and security was on the agenda for the first meeting. 
  • How states cope with international criticism

    26 Apr 2021
    When states and their leaders encounter international criticism, they normally employ one of three strategies: recognition, rejection or countering. Diplomats, however, often take a fourth approach, according to a new study by Senior Research Fellow Kristin Haugevik (NUPI) and Professor Cecilie B. Neumann (OsloMet).
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