• Doubling Down on Arctic Diplomacy

    12 Nov 2020
    What impact will the new Biden administration have on Arctic politics? While the Arctic as a region is not likely to figure as feature in the 100-day plan of a new Biden presidency,  there are reasons to expect some key changes for the region.
  • Book launch: EEA and the alternatives – what about NOREXIT?

    9 Nov 2020
    What are the alternatives to the EEA Agreement? What happens if Norway joins the EU, or if the EEA is terminated? A new book edited by Arne Melchior and Frode Nilssen looks into this.
  • What's next for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPS)?

    29 Oct 2020
    2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325. But the important Women, Peace and Security agenda seem to have had a backlash in recent years. 
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