Former employees

  • Íris Andradóttir

    Íris Andradóttir was a Master’s student at the University of Oslo and was a part of the Research group peace, conflict and...

  • Daniel Paz Rossebø

    Daniel was a master's student at the University of Oslo and under the Research Group for Security and Defence at NUPI during the spring of 2023.&nb...

  • Katharina Glaab

    Glaab was a visiting research fellow at NUPI in the Research Group on Russia, Asia and International Trade.

  • Craig Moffat

    Craig Moffat was a Senior Research Fellow in the Research group on peace, conflict and development. 

  • Marko Stambolic

    Marko Stambolic was a visiting researcher at NUPI in the summer of 2022 as part of the Research Group on Russia, Asia, and International Trade...

  • Andreas Sollohub Stensaker

    Andreas Sollohub Stensaker was a research assistant working on the NUPI research project Norway and the EU Towards 2030 from May to August 202...

  • Banafsheh Ranji

    Banafsheh Ranji was a researcher at the research group Peace, Conflict and Development in 2022. 

  • Ada Lunde

    Ada was a graduate research fellow in The Research group on climate and energy during the spring of 2022. 

  • Karen Philippa Larsen

    Karen Philippa Larsen was a visiting research fellow at NUPI, in the Research group on Russia, Asia and international trade in the s...

  • Kristine Schi Nordvold

    Kristine Schi Nordvold was a Graduate Research Fellow in NUPI's Research group on climate and energy in 2022.