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Katharina Glaab

Former employee

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Glaab was a visiting research fellow at NUPI in the Research Group on Russia, Asia and International Trade.


  • Diplomacy
  • Asia
  • Climate
  • Governance
  • International organizations
  • United Nations


Scientific article

Everyday migration hierarchies: negotiating the EU’s visa regime

Critical security studies have shed invaluable light on the diffuse governmental technologies and pernicious effects of the EU’s bordering practices. While scholars have focused upon the experience of precarious migrant groups, this article suggests that extending our critical gaze to include seemingly privileged migrants can further understanding of just how far the insecurity produced by the EU’s migration regime reaches. Focusing on the migration process of international students in Norway, this article inquires into how these migrants experience, theorize and negotiate the EU’s visa regime and its governmental technologies. We show how their subjective understandings of ‘broad’ and ‘narrow’ hierarchies of the visa regime play out in their bureaucratic encounters, influencing their everyday lives. Ultimately, the article shows how the regime’s disciplinary effects extend further than prior critical research has appreciated.

  • Migration
  • The EU
  • Migration
  • The EU