In her recent book Countdown to Zero Day Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon, Zetter describes how the code that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program was planned, designed and unleashed, and how its use opened a Pandora’s Box, ushering in an age of digital warfare in which any country’s infrastructure – power grids, nuclear plants, oil pipelines, dams – is vulnerable to the same kind of attack with potentially devastating results.

Moreover, Zetter describes how digital warfare developed in the US, and how the 'grey markets' has become an arena in which intelligence agencies and militaries pay huge sums for the malicious code they need to carry out infiltrations and attacks.

In this seminar, Ms. Zetter will give us a prescient portrait of what is by some described as 'a world at the edge of a new kind of war'.

The event is organized as part of the seminar series Cyber Security Forum.

Kim Zetter is an award-winning investigative journalist and author who covers cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyber warfare, privacy and civil liberties. She has been covering security and the hacking underground since 1999, most currently as a reporter for Wired, where she has been reporting since 2003. Zetter was among the first reporters to cover the sophisticated Stuxnet-attack after its discovery and has authored one of the most comprehensive books, and various articles about the attack.

The seminar will be streamed on YouTube.

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