This is what Dr Madeline Carr, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University is coming to NUPI to discuss. This new phase of digital technology that we are in raises a whole range of fascinating ethical, legal and political problems which governments are (arguably) ill-equipped to deal with.

Networked household appliances, driverless vehicles and implantable health devices are a few of the many exciting technological developments that introduce great opportunities and considerable challenges – how do we govern the “internet of things?”.

Dr Madeline Carr is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations with a focus on global cyber security and Internet governance. Her research is embedded in a broad study of the ways in which new technology both reinforces and disrupts conventional frameworks for understanding International Relations and the implications of this for state and global security, order and governance.

Chair this day is Research Fellow Lilly Pijnenburg Muller. She is a part of the Research Group for Security and defense at NUPI with a focus on cybersecurity. Within cybersecurity her research covers public-private cooperation, multi-stakeholder processes, capacity building in developing countries, risk and harm, NATO and cyber resilience and deterrence. In addition, she follows international cybersecurity processes in the UN, OSCE and NATO.

The event will be streamed live on our YouTube-channel: