Recent UN peacekeeping experiences have challenged the traditional peacekeeping principles of consent, impartiality and the minimum use of force. The pace and scope of these changes have now reached a tipping point, as several new mandates are fundamentally challenging the continued validity of the UN peacekeeping’s core principles and identity. 

A new book co-edited by NUPI researchers Cedric de Coning and John Karlsrud and professor Chiyuki Aoi (University of Tokyo) entitled “UN Peacekeeping doctrine in a new era”, analyses the growing gap between these actual practices and existing UN peacekeeping doctrine.

This seminar will use the book as a starting point for a discussion on the relevance of UN peacekeeping as an international conflict management instrument in a world characterised by violent extremism, ethnic war and the Trump administration’s shift away from multilateralism.

Cedric de Coning is a Senior Research Fellow with the Peace and Conflict Research Group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and is a Senior Advisor on Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding for ACCORD, South Africa.

John Karlsrud is Senior Research Fellow and Manager of the Training for Peace programme at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Topics of particular interests are norm change, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and humanitarian issues.

At the panel discussion Major General Kristin Lund (NODEFIC) and Specialist Director Peace Operations Anne Kjersti Frøholm (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will participate. Kari Osland is the Chair of the day, and the event will be streamed live at our YouTube channel.