The US political system is characterized by an increase in ideological polarization and widespread distrust of the political elite. The election of Donald Trump as the American President is a symptom of a more comprehensive issue where lack of trust between the population and state authorities is the main problem.

Daniel Drezner is a professor at Tufts University and a commentator in Washington Post. He closely follows American politics and has written a number of books on global governance and the role of the United States in international politics. His recent book ‘The Ideas Industry’ shows how inequality and ideological polarization has changed the public debate, and how this could affect political developments in the United States and elsewhere.

On 20 March, Drezner is visiting NUPI, and together with Research Director at NUPI, Ole Jacob Sending, he will discuss how we can understand political developments in the United States and what this can mean for changes in international politics.

This seminar is the second event in the NUPI seminar series "Global disorder and distrust", which focuses on distrust as a phenomenon both in the relationship between countries, and internally within a country’s border. The first part of the series was with NUPI researcher Morten Bøås and Dlawer Ala’Aldeen earlier this year.

Breakfast will be served from 08.30.

Watch the live stream from the event on NUPI's YouTube channel here: