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Over the last few years, and especially in the wake of Russian actions in Ukraine, hybrid warfare—sometimes referred to as hybrid threats—has gained a tremendous amount of attention both in Europe and worldwide. NATO, the EU, and individual nations including Norway, have devoted considerable time and resources to better understand and respond to the challenges posed by hybrid warfare. This includes the exploitation of ambiguous methods and tools of attack to weaken or degrade a targeted society, the use of plausible deniability, and the exploitation of outdated thresholds for the peace/war dichotomy.

Hybrid warfare thus intentionally blurs the distinction between peace and war by operating outside our perceptions of war as a violent clash of force, and by challenging our understanding of the beginning and end of hostilities.

While Norway is a founding member of the intergovernmental Hybrid Threat Centre of Excellence in Helsinki, there is a need for an improved public understanding of the challenges posed by hybrid warfare in Norway, as well as other western liberal democracies. This is why Norwegian Atlantic Committee and NUPI are inviting you to this seminar on the challenges hybrid warfare brings, and what we should do to combat them.

In the panel we have Hanna Smith, Director of Strategic Planning and Responses for the NATO-EU Center of Excellence in Helsinki, Geir Hågen Karlsen, Lieutenant Colonel and Lecturer, the Norwegian Defence University College and Njord Wegge, Senior Research Fellow, NUPI.

The panel is moderated by Kjell Dragnes, Journalist and former Foreign Affairs Editor in Aftenposten.


Missed out on this event? Tune in to listen to it as NUPI Podcast here.