Deteriorating living conditions have triggered the protests, but will a deepening economic crisis undermine or increase their momentum? Have we entered a post-islamist phase of political mobilization? Are we witnessing a decline of the sectarian identities that have shaped the political dynamics of Iraq and Lebanon? What role do the media and journalists play? How do conflicts in the international arena affect the protests?

Sara Merabti will talk about popular mobilization and the contested elections in Algeria.

Khaled Zaza will share an eyewitness account of the protests in Beirut.

Tine Gade will talk about Tripoli as a pivot of the Lebanese protests.

Kjetil Selvik will discuss the consequences of the protests for Iran.

This seminar is hosted by the two projects Hybrid paths to resistance in the Muslim world: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Mali and Journalism in struggles for democracy: media and polarization in the Middle East.

Breakfast will be served from 08.30!