The EU and NATO are having to work more closely because of the war on Ukraine, but each actor has stated that it must prepare for an age of strategic competition. What does this mean in practice for EU-NATO cooperation in areas such as capability development and emerging and disruptive technologies?

During his talk, Dr. Daniel Fiott will cover the state of EU-NATO relations today and the main challenges. After this, he will briefly compare what the EU and NATO have stated in their recent strategy documents, namely the EU Strategic Compass and NATO Strategic Concept. Lastly, he will reflect on the implications of an era of strategic competition on EU-NATO cooperation in the area of capability development and technologies.

This event is part of the seminar series Norway and the EU towards 2030, and it will be moderated by Research Professor at NUPI, Pernille Rieker.

The seminar will also be streamed live to NUPI’s YouTube channel (no registration needed for digital participation)