Fake news and economic losses are two factors that threatens professional journalism worldwide. A few global social media companies win audiences and advertising money at the expense of the traditional media. The development of digital technology changes the power relations within the media landscape. How can credible journalism win in a world of fake news?

Walid Al-Saqaf visited NUPI on 27 February to dicsuss this together with Senior Research Fellow Kjetil Selvik (NUPI) and Bente Kalsnes, associate professor at the Oslo Metropolitan University.

Al-Saqaf is a senior lecturer at Södertörn University. His research areas are technology, media and journalism, and according to him, the underlying technology behind bitcoin may offer a solution to the problems professional journalism are faced with today.

Blockchain technology was originally made as the underlying technology of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is not dependent on central entities. The question Al-Saqaf asks is whether a blockchain-based newsroom model can compete against the traditional centralized model.

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