After several years of covid-related travel restrictions, representatives from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) visited NUPI last week. In addition to meetings about potential cooperation, several CASS scholars participated in an academic roundtable together with researchers from NUPI and other Norwegian institutions.

The thematic topic of the roundtable was Europe-China Relations and implications for global governance. China, Norway, and the EU’s priorities, changing conditions for economic interaction, the significance of the war in Ukraine, and opportunities and limitations regarding multilateral cooperation were among the questions discussed.

– Valuable to exchange on knowledge and viewpoints

Competition and rivalization between China and the US, in particular, are influencing many areas within international politics and economy. At the same time, Norway and the EU have many issues they intend to promote based on their own considerations and priorities.

– In a world shaped by rapid changes and lots of uncertainties, exchanging research-based views on what is happening around us, is of great value, says Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr. For several years, he has coordinated a project with Norwegian-Chinese seminars within the social sciences and humanities, for which the Norwegian participation is supported by the Ministry of Education and Research.



Maintain responsible cooperation

The CASS delegation included their vice-president Gao Peiyong, and Director Zhang Yuyan, who leads the CASS Institute of World Economics and Politics. China’s ambassador to Norway, Hou Yue, also participated in one of the morning meetings.

– Dialogue and research cooperation is important, and we value our relations with CASS and other Chinese institutes. We have had good discussions about important Chinese challenges, how Europe now sees China and how Europe is developing its policy towards China. We do not agree in all areas, of course, but it is still important to understand each other’s positions and exchange views. Professional cooperation with China can be challenging, and it is important to do this responsibly, says NUPI Director Ulf Sverdrup.