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Advancing female leadership in the institute sector

NUPIBAL promotes gender equality at NUPI.

The aim of this project is to address two further obstacles to gender equality at NUPI through development measures for existing staff at key ‘transition points’ in their careers.

The negative indicators to be targeted are the gender imbalance in 1) top academic positions and 2) organizational leadership.

The two programs we propose – one focusing on academic advancement of female scholars and the other on fostering female leadership within the organization – are modeled on well-known and best practice instruments implemented successfully in other contexts, yet are innovative for and tailored to NUPI’s specific challenges.

Project Manager

Ulf Sverdrup
Former Director


Julie Wilhelmsen
Research Professor
Francesca R. Jensenius
Former employee
Elana Wilson Rowe
Research Professor
Nina Græger
Research Professor (part time)
Pernille Rieker
Research Professor
Wrenn Yennie Lindgren
Senior Research fellow