Researchers from the partner institutions published numerous interesting articles, book chapters and reports during 2019, in addition to being part of a string of timely and policy-relevant events. Here are some of the highlights from last year.

Seminar on the return of foreign fighters

On the 11th of June, The Consortium hosted a seminar on the many thorny issues related to returning foreign fighters. To shed light on the challenges related to the security risks, international law, and questions related to rehabilitating the returnees, we invited experts Petter Nesser, Sofie Høgestøl and Lars Lyster.

The event was live streamed on NUPI's YouTube channel (in Norwegian):

Also available as a podcast here (in Norwegian):

C-REX hosted annual Society for Terrorism Research conference

From 20-21 June, The Center for Research on Extremism at UiO (C-REX) hosted the annual Society for Terrorism Research Conference. The main theme of the event - “The Data Revolution in Terrorism Research: Implications for Theory and Practice“ – inspired discussions of how the terrorism studies field should make use of the increased availability of empirical data. The conference brought together academics from around the world to present and discuss cutting-edge research on terrorism.

In sum, the various panels addressed a number of topics in an attempt to answer the following questions: how do we best harness the new resources? Which old questions can we now better address, what new issues emerge, and which new methods become salient? How do we handle the associated ethical issues and privacy regulations?

Seminar on prison radicalization

On November 7 the Consortium hosted a half-day seminar on prison radicalization, with invited experts David Hansen and Liesbeth van der Heide who shared their experiences from Norway and the Netherlands, respectively. Together with the moderator Tore Bjørgo, they shed their insights to showcase the somewhat contrasting approaches to extremist offenders and highlighted many specific issues and challenges from both contexts.

The live stream from the seminar is available here: