Europe in transition – Small states and Europe in an age of global shifts (EUNOR)

2014 - 2017 (Completed) Project number: 238017/F10
Research Project
What is the significance of the EU for small states in Europe today?

In this project we investigate how small states in general and Norway in particular balance between autonomy and integration.

We have studied how small states within and outside the EU responds to, adjusts, and adapts to the current European transition.

In the case of Norway, we have investigated how this plays out in both areas that are fully and partly covered by agreements with the EU (Internal market/EEA affairs, energy, foreign, security and defence) and in areas with no agreements with the EU (external trade and investments).

EUNOR is multi-disciplinary: involving economists, legal scholars and political scientists. It is a inter-institutional partnership between strong research milieus in Norway, and it is supported by a a strong international network of experts on small states and European integration.

The research is empirically based and theoretically informed, and it builds upon the research based Europe Review (2012). The project will deliver intellectually innovative research and provide relevant information to the public and well-grounded policy advice to decision makers.

The final conference for the project, titled Brexit and implications for the EU, EEA and Norway, was held on 30 October 2017. Click here for full programme.

See also the project's seminar series Norway meets Europe. Here you'll find earlier and upcoming NUPI events in the seminar series.

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NEW BOOK: What does France want with its foreign policy?

September 28, 2017

Hear the podcast from the book launch of Senior Research Fellow Pernille Rieker's new book.

Bildet viser Vladimir Putin og Emmanuel Macron i Versailles.

New era for French exceptionalism?

June 16, 2017

France still has a deep desire to play a major international role. Will President Macron succeed? In her new book, Senior Research Fellow Pernille Rieker takes a closer look at French foreign policy.

Bildet viser grafittikunst

Norway: Small state in big energy politics

March 2, 2017

Should energy policies serve the nation, or the European community? 


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