Globale Storbritannia i nord

2022 - 2024 (Completed)
Research project
In this project we aim to contribute to the emerging research on the UK’s quest for a new foreign, security and defence policy role at the dusk of the formal Brexit process.

We do so by investigating the discursive and practical creation of ‘Global Britain’ and its manifestations in the High North and Arctic regions. How are the ambitions of ‘Global Britain’ formulated in relation to these regions, and what characterizes recent engagements by ‘Global Britain’ in the North?



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‘Global Britain’ and security in the near abroad. Leadership through flexilateralism?

The British government’s vision for a post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ is increasingly taking shape in (i) the security and defence domain and (ii) the UK’s ...

Britain and the world

Guest lecture about Britain in the world - historically and today.

Britain and Europe

Lecture about Britain and Europe - historically and today.
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Etter bruddet ­- hvor går Storbritannia post Brexit?

Hvor går veien videre for Storbritannia? Finnes det «en tredje vei», mer eller mindre fristilt fra EU og EØS-lignende avtaler, som sikrer at både hennen ...

Project Manager

Security policy  Defence  Governance  Diplomacy  Foreign policy  The EU  NATO  Europe  The Nordic countries
Tue 18 Oct 2022
Time: 08:30 Europe/Oslo
Location: Sentralen, Oslo

The Military Power Seminar 2022 – Northern-Europe in a changing security landscape

What are the consequences of the changing security landscape for security in the north? At this year’s Military Power Seminar, we invite you to a debate on the important political issues related to security in Norway’s immediate neighbourhood.