Øyvind Svendsen

Senior Research Fellow

Øyvind Svendsen is Senior Research Fellow in the Research group on global order and diplomacy at NUPI. The core themes in his research are foreign policy, diplomacy, and security and defence policy. Svendsen primarily studies these questions in a European context. His PhD is from the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen (2020).

Øyvind is Editor of the journal Cooperation and Conflict, 2023-2027.

Recent publications:

Theorizing Public Performances for International Negotiations. International Studies Quarterly 66(3): 1-12 (2022).

The Politics of Third Countries in EU Security and Defence: Norway, Brexit and Beyond. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan (2022).

The Politics of Competence in Global Health: The European Commission’s Global Response to the COVID-19 PandemicEuropean Foreign Affairs Review 26(SI): 15-29 (2021).

‘Practice time!’ Doxic futures in security and defence diplomacy after BrexitReview of International Studies 46(1): 3-19 (2020).

Spin-off av EØS? Norge og europeisk utenriks-, sikkerhets- og forsvarssamarbeidInternasjonal Politikk 77(4): 378-387 (2019). (med Pernille Rieker)

Differentiated (Dis)integration in Practice: The Diplomacy of Brexit and the Low Politics of High PoliticsJournal of Common Market Studies 57(6): 1419-1430 (2019). (med Rebecca Adler Nissen)

Brexit and the Future of European Defence: Towards a Practice Approach to Differentiated Defence Integration. Journal of European Integration 41(8): 993-1007 (2019).


2020 PhD, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

2015 MSc International Relations Theory, London School of Economics

2014 BA International Studies and History, Lillehammer University College

Work Experience

2021- Senior Research Fellow, NUPI

2016-2020 Ph.d. candidate, University of Copenhagen

2015-2016 Lecturer, Lillehammer University College

2010-2011 Grenadier, the Royal Norwegian Air Force

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