Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

Research Professor

Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås is a Research Professor at NUPI. She works on trade and trade policy issues, focusing on the interaction between trade policy, trade, technology and labour market adjustments.

Nordås also has a position as visiting professor at Örebro University where she works on trade, technology and labour market adjustments. Before coming to NUPI, Nordås worked in the OECD where she has led the work on trade and trade policy in the services sectors. Previous work experience includes research and teaching positions at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, the University of Bergen, SNF, University of Western Cape, WTO, and visiting scholar to Stanford University.

Nordås holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Bergen and has published extensively on international trade in services.  

  • Publication : Report

    Telecommunications: the underlying transport means for services exports

    This paper analyses the role of telecommunications as the means of transport for services exports with a focus on computer and other business services from India. Telecommunications are typically dominated by major suppliers which need to be regulated and exposed to competition to fulfil their role....
  • Publication : Academic article

    The WTO Reference Paper meets EU common regulatory policy in CETA

    International trade and investment in telecommunications are governed by the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and its Annex and Reference Paper (RP) on telecommunications. This paper discusses whether the 25-year old WTO framework is still fit for purpose....
  • Publication : Popular scientific article

    Is Skype a telecommunications company - and why does it matter?

    Telecommunications constitute the core of the digital economy. EU regulation of the sector aims at promoting connectivity and access to very high capacity networks. To that end, and to keep up with technical developments, the regulatory framework is revised from time to time with a view to roll back...
  • Publication : Chapter

    Utrikeshandel løner och rørlighet

    Labour market churning in Sweden is similar to other European countries. Trade is associated with labour market dynamics mainly through the reallocation of workers. If a firm change export status, workers in the firm is more likely to move to another firm in the same industry, but less likely to move...
  • Publication : Report

    Make or buy : offshoring of services functions in manufacturing

    About 40% of employment in manufacturing is in services functions. This paper examines how employment in services function in manufacturing is affected by offshoring. It finds that the impact is small on average but depends strongly on the complexity of the value chain, the policy environment and ICT...