Cybersecurity Capacity Building 2.0 - Bridging the digital divide and strengthening sustainable development

2016 - 2018 (Completed) Project number: 21620-1

This project will study cybersecurity capacity building (CCB) and the sustainability of development processes in developing countries.

The project will trace how increased awareness about cybersecurity in developing countries can strengthen the ability to protect critical digital infrastructure and combat cyber threats. More specifically the purpose of the project is to identify mechanisms that can be built upon in order to:

i) increase cyber capacities through development and aid projects,
ii) provide advise for how developing countries can establish CCB programmes and utilize private sector expertise,
iii) identify mechanisms that can be built upon for international cooperation at the diplomacy arena on internet governance and cyber security in the global society, and
iv) identify how new partnerships can be built through CCB programmes.

Our recommendations will be grounded in fieldwork in developing countries, desktop studies and participation at international conferences and multistakeholder processes. The research will be organized into three separate, but interconnected work packages:

1. Cybersecurity Capacity Building (CCB) – a) 2 case countries: Myanmar and Tanzania, b) Implementation of a cybersecurity maturity model in developing countries
2. Public-private collaboration on cybersecurity awareness
3. International cyberpolitics, international cooperation and developing countries as potential swing states.

The project is part of NUPI's research programme Cyber Security Forum.

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