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With 224,000 arrivals registered till the beginning of August, the number of migrants and refugees having crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in 2015 has already overtaken the total of 2014 (219 000). The estimated 2000 who died in the attempt so far are more than three times the same period of the previous year.

In spite of repeated summits devoted  to the issue, and of some innovative proposals made by the Commission, the European Union as a whole is proving impotent in delivering effective responses.

In this presentation, Ferruccio Pastore (director, FIERI) will analyze the deep roots of the current crisis and explore some possible scenarios and response strategies.

Ferruccio Pastore (PhD, European University Institute, 1996) is the Director of FIERI (International and European Forum for Migration Research, since May 2009. He has previously been Deputy Director of the international relations and European studies think-tank CeSPI (Centre for International Policy Studies, Rome) and a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Firenze. Besides research, he has worked as an adviser on migration policy issues for Italian institutions (among which the National Council of Economy and Labour and the Schengen Parliamentary Committee) and international organisations (among which IOM and ILO). His current research activities focus on the governance of migration and mobility in Europe.