The past two years a range of terrorist attacks has swept across Europe. Unlike the past, including 9/11, Europe is not more united with a desire for further integration. This calls for a serious re-evaluation and radical reflection around the challenges we are facing today, how these are being tackled; both on a national plan, within the EU-framework and in the relation to neighbouring countries.

How much exception is needed before we can talk about a norm, and to what extend do emerging normative arrangements represent a solution?

Following his forthcoming book Terrore Sovrano: Stato e Jihad nell’era Post-Liberale (co-authored with Marina Calculli), Francesco Strazzari will overview critical aspects in the current debate on counterterrorism in Europe. 

Francesco Strazzari is an associate professor of international relations at the Pisa-based Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, and a research professor with NUPI. He is also associated with the Oslo-based C-REX and with the Paris-based EU Institute for Security Studies. He specializes in conflict studies, with a specific focus on European security, state-building, extra-legal governance and transnational organized crime. Strazzari holds a Ph. D from European University Institute in Florence. He has been lecturing at SAIS Europe (John Hopkins University), University of Amsterdam and at the University of Bologna.

The seminar is organized by the Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime in cooperation with NUPI's seminar series Norway meets Europe. The Moderator of the day is Senior Research Fellow at NUPI, Pernille Rieker.

The event will be streamed on our YouTube channel: