In this theory seminar, Paul Gill will talk about the GRIEVANCE project, a research project aiming to make significant advances in increasing our understanding of extremist violence, and thereby reduce the risk.

Unlike much other research, GRIEVANCE shifts the focus away from individual qualities (who we think terrorist are) to situational qualities – what violent offenders do and how.

The theory seminar will focus on the conceptual, methodological and interdisciplinarity focus of the counter-terrorism project. It elaborates upon the thinking behind the core principles of their every day work such as their focus on (a) interdisciplinarity (b) problem-oriented approaches (c) scientific methodologies (d) data inputs (e) dissemination outputs and (f) practitioner relevance. It concludes with a discussion of why being embedded within an Engineering faculty is fundamental to many of these pursuits for the research group. 

This event is hosted by the Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime.

The seminar will not be streamed.

Paul Gill is a Professor of Security and Crime Science at University College London. Previous to joining UCL, Professor Gill was a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Center for the Study of Terrorism at Pennsylvania State University. He has over 50 publications on the topic of terrorist behaviour. Gill is also the Principal Investigator for the GRIEVANCE project.